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This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come) - Chapter 9: May

Title: This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come)
Author: alcarcalime and wickedsprite
Summary: The year after the war is a tough one, in which Ginny Weasley tries to live her life, get past her grief, survive Transfiguration, and try not to fall too much in love with some idiot green-eyed boy man.
Characters/Pairing(s): Harry/Ginny, mainly. With side dishes of R/Hr and other canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post-Deathly Hallows, Pre-Epilogue
Genre: gen, humor, fluff
Warnings: Fluffiness, cheesiness, and crack abound. Also, the fic doesn't follow the traditional format of a story's narrative.

Prologue. Chapter 1: September. Chapter 2: October. Chapter 3: November. Chapter 4: December. Chapter 5: January. Chapter 6: February. Chapter 7: March. Chapter 8: April

Chapter 9


Hogwarts School will host the commemoration program of the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts on Sunday, the 2nd of May.

All students are requested to attend the program which will commence on 1500H at the Great Hall.

Attire: Formal dress robes


Library, 1930H

What do you think?

Don’t you think it’s too long? How long is this exactly?
Long? What are you talking about? It’s a three-minute speech!

Do you really think it would take Harry three minutes to address all those bureaucrats about the importance of the past year?
But it’s in perfect keeping with the theme of “community building!”

I dunno, Hermione. He doesn’t use those big words. What the hell does “prosaic” mean?
It’s another word for dull. And so what if there are “big” words? It’s part of the speech!

It’s just that it doesn’t read like something Harry would say. It bloody screams you, Hermione, not Harry.
Oh yeah? What would Harry say then?

Well, first of all, he’d stammer a little, thank the audience and then speak for about a minute or so before fainting dead in the middle of the platform. You know he’s not that good with words. I’m telling you, three minutes and he’s a dead man.
He didn’t have a problem telling you he’d “wait if it’s the last thing he’d do.”

Okay first of all, I let you read my letters because I want to SHARE. I did not let you into my private life just so you could get ammunition against Harry and me. And they’re completely different circumstances.
But you have to admit that it’s a good speech, right?

Of course it’s a good speech! You wrote it! But Harry asked me to talk to you about this. He’s really not comfortable talking in front of a large audience that long. Yes, even if it’s just a mere three minutes.
I knew it! I can’t believe he’d let you do his dirty work. Well, tell your boyfriend that three minutes is nothing to be afraid of. I’ve worked on everything he told me to play with from his last letter groveling for me to write his own damn speech and if he doesn’t want this then he can write one himself.

Look, I know it’s mighty ungrateful of Harry to complain about a speech he oh so kindly asked you to write, but can’t you give your best friend the benefit of the doubt here? Please?
Fine I’ll shorten it. I’ll scratch one paragraph but that’s it. I don’t have a lot of time in the world! Really, I love him and all that but doesn’t he know that the N.E.W.T.s are in a month and I have no time for any extra work?

You’re the best, Hermione. I’ll tell him you’re shortening it. And can you please relax about the N.E.W.T.s? You’re making me nervous too.
Well you should be nervous! This is the most important phase in our Hogwarts career! This will make or break our futures!

Okay, seriously, Granger. Calm the eff down! Merlin! Ron and Harry are right. You’re scary during exam time.
Aren’t you scared? We have one more month, Ginny. ONE MONTH. We shouldn’t be wasting our time on inconsequential things like Quidditch and boys!

Hey! Quidditch is important, at least for me. I have a Quidditch final on my shoulders at the end of this month, not to mention those damn exams looming around the corner so yes, I’m scared out of my wits here. Transfig is not making it easier too.
I’m thinking of starting a Transfiguration study group with the other people in our year. I think I can convince Professor McGonagall to lend us her classroom after classes so we could have a place to conduct meetings. What do you think?

Wait, aren’t you satisfied with the success of your Practice Papers? Every single person in our year is using that. Why the study group? And what makes you think I’m joining?
Because you’re my friend and you KNOW you need to join one?

Wow. That hurt.
Oh shut up. But you are joining, all right? Luna’s joining too.

Oh come on, Hermione. Can’t I just answer more of your Practice Papers? I’ll even answer until Part XXX or something.
No, because you need this. And I’ll ask if Professor McGonagall can give incentives to members and you KNOW you need them.


April 30

      I just talked to Hermione about your speech and yes, she’s shortening it to about two minutes and thirty seconds. You owe me one, Potter. And you’re being ungrateful. She made you this wonderful, heartfelt speech and you have the gall to complain. The upcoming N.E.W.T.s are wrecking her nerves and you complaining about her speech is not good for her (and for me since I’m the one in the receiving end of that throbbing vein on her right temple). I think you should do something nice for Hermione.


April 30

      All right, I’m sorry. I promise to make it up to her. I’ll still see you after my speech, right? Or will you still be peeved with me that day? Do I have to make it up with you too?

P.S. I’m not being sarcastic.


May 1

      Not peeved, just annoyed. And of course you’ll see me later. I miss you.


Charms, 0830H

Thank you.

For what?
Harry sent me a book. He said that it’s a thank you gift. I have a feeling you have something to do with it.

I told him to do something nice for you and he sent you a book? Wow. Great, Harry. That is so original.
Oh don’t be too hard on him. I think it was very thoughtful of him. It’s an autobiography of Barnabus Finkle. It’s about his life living with house-elves.

Well at least it’s not Quidditch robes, eh?
Fortunately for me, POTTER’S GIRL robes are reserved for you, darling.


May 3

      That was very sweet of you; Hermione clearly loves the book. She was practically jumping up and down this morning. Not very original (seriously, Harry? A book?) but very clever move, Potter.

      I had a great time by the lake, by the way.


May 3

      Of course I’m clever. I remember this small village in Oslo and I ran into a group of witches and they sure think that my joke about the hag, the barkeep and the Irishman was such a hoot.

      Have you heard of it? Of course you’ve heard of it. You’re a Weasley.

P.S. I had a great time, too, Gin. Too bad you had to get back early. When’s the next Hogsmeade weekend? I’ll come and visit.


May 4

      The hag joke was a hoot?! Please tell me they saw your scar because there is no way that they would think that it was funny. Ron’s Uranus joke was better. It’s a disgrace to Norwegian humor. It’s either you Confunded them or you showed them the Chosen One Badge on your forehead first.

P.S. The next Hogsmeade weekend will be on the 7th and as much as I want to get out of this castle, I can’t. I have Quidditch practice that day. I’m really sorry. Perhaps next time?


May 4

      Fine, they saw the scar (or as what you lovingly put it, the Chosen One Badge) but it was only after they gushed about my sexy, unkempt hair and my dazzling smile. What can I say, I’m a stud in Norway.

P.S. Nah, it’s all right. I’ll survive. It’s just that I miss you already but Quidditch and your N.E.W.T.s are more important.


May 5

      Please take note that English is not their native tongue and ‘stud’ could mean ‘specky, scrawny gits’ in the Norwegian dictionary.

P.S. Now I feel guilty. But there’s still the Quidditch final in two weeks. We’ll see each other then, yeah?


May 5

      Hey what do I know? My specky, scrawny self might have been attractive to them. Won you over a year ago, didn’t I?

P.S. Of course I’ll be there. I just hope Robards wouldn’t give me detail work that day but Auror work notwithstanding, nothing can stop me from seeing you kick Ravenclaw arse. I miss you. (Have I mentioned it lately? Ron thinks I’m being a prick.)


May 6

      Believe me, I ask myself that question everyday for the past twelve years.

P.S. Yes, you’ve mentioned it once or twice but the constant reminder makes it all the more wonderful to know. You know I miss you too, right?


May 7

      Ouch, that hurts, Ginny. Anyway, I visited Teddy last night and gave him your gift. He loved it! He was rather in awe with how the doll’s hair changes color like his. That was a very impressive charm work! I’m in awe as well.

      I’m sending you a photograph Dromeda took of Teddy and his little doll self. The little git misses you. We both miss you. (But you know that already.)

      So how’s your day?

P.S. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do now.


Study Period, 0900H

Viktor says hello in his letter. He hopes you’re fine.

That’s very thoughtful of him. Tell him that I also hope he’s all right. And you’re still writing to him, eh? Does Ron know?
Of course he knows! Your brother’s still being a prat about it but he knows whom I really love so his grumbling is now down to a minimum.

Yes, he really can’t complain. He gets to snog you. And more.

What? Our house has thin walls, Hermione. Merlin, you two spent the entire year hiding in the woods and you can’t even cast a proper Muffliato.
Shut up. Ron and I are both adults and we are in absolute liberty to be intimate whenever we wish to.

Oh no, Granger. We are not having this conversation. Spare me the details and we’re all good.
You know what, that is so unfair. I get to listen to your stories about Harry’s boob-groping abilities but I don’t get to share to my best girl friend how good my boyfriend kisses.

No offense meant, Hermione, but friends share, not scare. Have mercy on my breakfast. It’s coming up.
You think I like listening about Harry being referred to as a sexual being? He’s my best friend. Practically my brother. He’s asexual to me.

Hey! Harry and I aren’t “intimate.” We’ve both been busy. Him with Voldemort, me with Quidditch.
Oh really? Well where the hell did you two disappear to after the memorial program?

We went for a walk around the lake and talked! What’s so kinky about that?
Talk. Yeah right.

Yes, Hermione. We only talked and held hands and when I say talk, I mean using words. I know that for you, “talking” and “arguing” is a euphemism for third base, but hey. I’m not judging.
How is Harry, anyway? His letters have been staggering lately, but I guess when you’re this close to getting back together with the girl you have pined for a year, you’d really tend to forget your other best friend.

He’s fine. He writes a lot but I feel guilty over this constant attention.
Is Harry too mushy for your own taste now?

It’s not that. He’s mushy, but in a nice way, and let’s face it, he could be the sappiest bloke in the universe and I’d still like him. I miss him too but I just think that he misses me more than I miss him and it’s not supposed to be that way. We should miss each other together. Preferably in infinite amounts.
Well you have been not yourself lately.

What do you mean?
Nothing big. It’s just probably the effects of the N.E.W.T.s, but I might have expected that you and Harry are in the same place right now.

We are in the same place. We’re just not together.
So you’re not together but you both know you like each other?

Yes. What’s your problem?
I don’t get it.

What do you mean?
Why aren’t you together? I thought you’re both okay?

We are. It’s just a little complicated.
Ginny, it’s only complicated because you make it complicated.

I told you, I have realized that I needed time for myself and concentrate on other things that aren’t Harry-related. I still have a Quidditch match to win and N.E.W.T.s to pass. You weren’t exactly subtle about reminding me about that, you know?
I am not saying that I’m not happy that you’re finally taking the exams seriously, but why is being together going to affect any of your studies? He isn’t distracting you with any of his letters, right?

No, he’s not. His letters are always wonderful. Never fails to complete my day.
Well there you go. He’s not really distracting you. And if reading his letters now are already wonderful, what more if you’re together? I know you have your reasons but I really don’t get the logic behind not being with the person you love.

I didn’t exactly tell him that I love him.
If I weren’t your best friend, I’d kill you. You do know that he loves you, right?

There are times when I think that he does but he really didn’t say anything about “love.” If he can’t say it, then why should I?
Ginny, we’ve been through this a thousand times! Harry isn’t the most articulate person in the planet and you know that! I have watched him struggle with his feelings and if there’s something I am sure about him, it’s the fact that he’s insecure about expressing himself, especially with expressing his true feelings for you. The boy is mad for you. The entire Hogwarts knows it! Your whole family knows it! Even my parents know it!

You talk about us behind our backs?
Yes, because you’re both so obvious it’s like watching Hagrid hide behind a tree. Let go of your feelings, Ginny. You don’t have to be rigid about this just because you have a Quidditch season to finish. Don’t hold back your feelings.

I am not holding back and I am not rigid! You’re rigid!
Well at least I have a boyfriend whom I can write letters to about how much I miss him without looking like a total idiot.

That’s harsh, even for your standards, Granger. And for your information, I have not been holding back. We are affectionate in our letters. Well, he is more than me but still. He knows how I feel. Besides, I’ve got to admit its a bit fun watching Harry squirm in his letters.
Wow. That is spite to the highest levels.

Don’t judge, Hermione. At least I didn’t send Harry canaries secretly stashed in an envelope.
Yes but at least I didn’t hit Ron in the face!

Ron’s still got those peck marks! Although he wears it now with pride and it’s just sickening to remember how proud he is of making you jealous.

Well yeah, I thought you knew?

So much for missing Ron then, eh?


The first meeting of the Transfiguration Study group will begin this week (day of meeting to be announced) at the Transfiguration classroom. Interested students can sign up below:

                    1. Hermione Granger
                    2. Luna Lovegood
                    3. Amelia Pines
                    4. Cassandra Oliver
                    5. Alyssa Howell
                    6. Zac Richards


Charms, 1100H

Ginny—I need your help. I know that you’re not joining the Transfiguration study group (yet) but I need help about picking out a day to meet.

What about Friday? That was our Remedial Class schedule and I bet the Transfig classroom is free that day.
I can’t. I have to study Runes every Friday and the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team practices that night.

Really? Interesting.
Oh no. I am not going to let you sabotage Ravenclaw.

Who says anything about sabotage? Spying, yes, sabotage, no. That’s so Slytherin.
And spying isn’t Slytherin-like?

Yeah, you’re right. We just have to practice more then. That reminds me, I have to tell Demelza to stop giving Ryan the flirty looks. The boy is already a sore loser and I really can’t afford another distraction for him.
Ginny, focus. I’m trying to decide the day for the Study group.

Thursday’s out. It’s your practice night.

For the last time, Hermione, I am not joining. And you really shouldn’t be asking me this. Ask Luna. She’s joining you. Wait, I’ll ask her.


Luna. Hermione wants to ask you about the Transfiguration study group. Are you revising your notes? We can parchment chat if you’re not too busy.
Oh okay, Ginny. I really want to talk to Hermione and ask how she is after she took out that book on Grecian Runes.

Hi Luna. What day would you be available to meet for our study group?

How are you, Hermione? I hope your memory’s still intact when you borrowed The Repercussions of Runes in Mount Olympus. Eddie Bartlett borrowed it last year and it was infested with doxy dust. Professor Sprout gave him instructions on how to properly exfoliate the skin of a Mandrake root and not one minute has passed and he forgot about it. The doxy dust must have addled his memories.

Yeah, Hermione. You really should see Madam Pomfrey about doxy dust brain infestation. Your memory’s been right faulty the passed few days. I mean, I have told you again and again that I won’t be joining the study group but you’re still prattling on about it.
I have got not doxy dust in my brain and I am okay. You know that, Ginny.

Well I just thought you might need something from the Hospital Wing. You keep on forgetting about my stand on your study group.
So, Luna? What day would you be available? Would you be all right with Wednesday night?

Oh I can’t go out during Wednesdays. Humdragons dance across the lake during nighttime and my dormitory has the most wonderful view of the ritual. You also shouldn’t be out during Wednesdays. The rituals usually make the air all humid and it raises the tempers of all those in the vicinity.

Humdragons don’t dance, Luna. They glide and they don’t make the air humid. Besides, my prefect meetings are always during Wednesdays and I haven’t experienced any kind of short-temperedness.

I think Luna has a point, Hermione. You are very short-tempered every Wednesday.
Stop making fun of me, Ginny.

I am not! You’re really very vindictive during those days. The doxy dust doesn’t help matters too. Short term memory and short-temperedness is not a very good combination, Hermione. Especially with the N.E.W.T.s coming and all.
Oh dear. Hermione, I can concoct a simple potion for you to filter all those doxy dust. I think it would help.

Thanks, Luna, but I think I’m all set. So when will you be free?

I think I might be free during Tuesdays. Ginny, wouldn’t you be joining us?

Ginny’s having a dilemma about her people skills lately. She hasn’t been able to express her feelings very much. That’s why she wouldn’t be joining us.

Did you and Harry have a row?

No we didn’t! Hermione, stop talking.
Yes, Luna. She and Harry are having problems about telling each other the dreaded four-letter word. Miss Weasley reckons it is bad territory. Maybe you have a potion for her to loosen up and tell Harry she wants to marry and have lots of sex and babies with him.

I haven’t got a problem with expressing my feelings, Granger. And shut it.
Maybe you should just relax. When I’m getting stressed with homework, I just whistle a happy tune.

That’s a great suggestion Lu, but I don’t think whistling a happy tune will be very helpful with my homework. Plus, Hermione here can be very persuasive. She’d probably give me more practice papers to answer if she hears me whistling instead of doing my revisions. Which reminds me, I think I will just chuck her practice papers out of Gryffindor Tower. Maybe that way she’d SHUT HER TRAP ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE.
Oh come on. Luna knows about you and Harry.

I know that you and Harry love each other very much, Ginny.


You just need to relax and probably spend a night with Harry in a firefly cave. There is a firefly alcove I have been using near the lake. It only fills with fireflies during May and it has been helpful with the breeding of my Loch Radishes. Neville took me there after the Battle last year. It’s nice, but I think you and Harry would enjoy it more than Neville and me. You should ask Harry to accompany you. It’s a nice place to get away from Auror training and N.E.W.T.s revisions.

Loch Radishes breed?

They really breed under a starry sky, but with the weather we’re having, the sky has been clear for weeks now and I really need my Radishes to breed if I want to pass my Herbology N.E.W.T.

Wow. Your loch radishes are a romantic bunch.

The firefly cave is a great substitute, although the crickets playing with spider’s webs make it sound like lyres playing, but you know what they say. Love isn’t love without fireflies singing in the skies.

See that, Ginny? All you need is a firefly cave.

Are you done here?
Yes. Thanks Luna. I’ll inform the others about Tuesday.


You can be an arse, you know that.
Well, you’re being one too but you know what. Luna is right. You need a firefly alcove.

Hermione Granger, when did you ever agree with Luna Lovegood?
She’s crazy, but she really makes sense sometimes. I mean, there are no firefly caves in Scotland, but in essence, she has a point.

She’s very misunderstood. I really hope those Hufflepuff girls won’t make fun of her during your Study group.
You can prevent that by joining the Study group, you know.

Oh no. You’re not using Luna to make me join another of your insane plans.
They still call her Loony after five years. They’d probably nick her notebooks and hide it under the Potions cabinet again.

Well why don’t you stop them, then?
Because they’re also making fun of me but I’m ignoring it. I really don’t want to stoop down to their levels. Just because I read a lot doesn’t mean I’m frigid.

Great. Why are all my friends misfits?
You love us, though. You love us so much you’d join my Transfiguration Study group to appease me, your best friend, and protect Luna from those bullies. Admit it Ginny.

Don’t push it, Granger.


May 10

      Oh I’m glad Teddy likes the gift! Kiss him for me and send him my love. Anyway, this would be quick because I still have Quidditch practice (FINALS IN 12 DAYS!!!) and a Transfiguration N.E.W.T.s study group.

      Yes, you’ve read it right. I, Ginevra Molly Weasley, have decided to join Hermione’s latest crazy idea, a Transfiguration study group.

      My reasons for this is threefold, 1) to save my arse from getting fried by Mum come June over my failed Transfig N.E.W.T.s, 2) to save my very bleak future because according to Hermione, Transfig is always a safe N.E.W.T.s for employment purposes and 3) to save Luna from those Hufflepuff shrimps who are always making fun of her.


May 10

      While I find it hard to believe that you’d VOLUNTARILY join a Transfiguration study group, I am really proud of you for doing this. It takes a lot of willpower to join a study group of your most hated subject. And saving Luna, huh? The Hufflepuff ‘shrimps’ must be a mean bunch. I can’t say I get the pun but whatever.


May 11

      Oh I know what you mean. I really can’t believe I’d be saying this too but the Transfig study group is actually helpful. I still think it’s the devil’s subject but at least I understand now the theory behind Humonus Veraverto. Hopefully, I’d get to practice theory into action. The sooner the better, because the NEWTs are literally around the corner (something that your dear best friend is continuously reminding me of).

      And yes, I am actually there to save Luna from those shrimps (Shrimp –Full bodies, useless heads). I am getting sick and tired of them calling her Loony. Come on. She has always been weird, get over it. Sheesh.

      Come to think of it, I guess you’re rubbing off on me, Potter. You and your Messiah Complex. Maybe if playing Quidditch and writing don’t happen for me, you can ditch Ron so we can team up and do this for a living. Potter and Weasley: Saving Weirdoes Since 1996.


May 11

      First of all, the shrimp thing is hilarious and I will never look at shrimps the same way again. Ron says he’s very proud of you and your vocabulary. Ron’s nickname for Viktor Krum has evolved from Vicky to Shrimp. I couldn’t agree more. Please don’t tell Hermione, it’s our new codename.

      Also, count me in the weirdo-saving gig. Make sure you do good in your DADA. With my Auror training and your DADA N.E.W.T., we can fight crime.


May 12

      “Our new codename?” You’re now joining in Ron’s stupid vendetta? Why is it that all of a sudden you share Ron’s unwarranted hatred towards Viktor? You always said he was an okay guy. Why the sudden change in atmosphere? He even went to Fred’s funeral and he even talked to me. He seems okay.

      Nothing to worry about DADA. The subject’s in the bag, thanks to our great Dumbledore’s Army teacher. Where could he be? I sure miss him a lot. Last I heard he’s getting his arse hexed in London.


May 12

      Let’s just say that I finally understood Ron’s sentiments regarding Shrimpoo. He always fancies something that’s out of bounds.

      Oh and Ron says we’re such dorks for coming up with the saving the weirdoes thing. I told him he could be our first cause.



All Gryffindor seventh-years are required to attend a short meeting
with the Headmistress next week to discuss their future careers.
Times of individual appointments are listed below.


How was your meeting with Professor McGonagall?

It’s okay, I guess. I still don’t do know what to do.
She did discuss with you the possible career choices you can have? You have that flyer?

She did, and yes I have it. But I’m still confused. I don’t know which path to take. I’m not like Harry who always wanted to be an Auror. Noble git as he is.
I thought you wanted to play Quidditch?

I do, but I have a very slim chance with that, and besides I want to have a career I can be proud of and worked hard for. But…oh I don’t know! Let’s make a list.

Ginny Weasley’s List of Chosen (And Sometimes Impossible) Careers

  1. Auror Trainee. Qualifications: Es and Os in DADA, Potions, Transfig, Charms.
    Additional Requirements: Three-year training with Auror professionals.

    Good suggestion but the presence of Transfig in its list of Quals is disheartening enough, thank you very much.
    Don’t lose hope yet, Ginny. We still have a month before the N.E.W.T.s. I’m sure you can get at least an E. Plus you have to admit, working side by side with Harry could be exciting.

    Exciting? I say distracting. You have seen him in his Auror robes, right? God.
    You’re right. Instant career buster. Let’s scratch that. Cons: Distracting boyfriends.

    He’s not my boyfriend.
    Yeah, tell that to me in August.

  2. Quidditch Player. Qualifications: played at least one position in House Quidditch team. Captaining a team is a plus.

    Oh no, Granger. Don’t get my hopes up.
    Just stating the facts, Gin-Gin.

  3. The Daily Prophet Reporter. Qualifications: At least two As in N.E.W.T.-level subjects, must have a passion in writing, and desire for adventure and traveling.

    Good choice but I’m not really sure.
    Why are you not sure? You’re a good writer, Ginny. Have you read your essays? They're all good.

    Channeling Rivers are we, eh? You two are ego-strokers. But fine, let’s call it second choice. I just don’t think I’d be comfortable working for the wankers who wrote all those things about me and Harry.

  4. Healer. Qualifications: Es in Potions, Charms, Herbology, and Transfiguration.
    Additional Requirements: Two years training at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Injuries and Maladies.

    Um, no thank you. There’s Transfig in there. I would never scrape an E even if I cheat on the exams.
    The work hours are murder, I heard.

    Ah. Next please.

  5. Mrs. Harry Potter. Qualifications: feisty, vivacious redhead born in the year 1981. Preferably going by the name of Ginevra Molly Weasley.

    You’re shameless, Weasley. And that’s not a career. That’s a fantasy. Your ten-year old self’s fantasy. Ergo, start acting like a seventeen year old.

    What are you talking about? The two of us can fight crime. Mr. and Mrs. Potter: Saving Weirdoes Since 1996.

    An inside joke between me and Harry. Never mind.
    Oh God. Inside jokes. You two are so couple-y it’s sickening. Eww.

    Says the woman in possession of a Weasley’s Girl robe. Eww yourself, Mrs. Won-won.
    Hey! I do not call Ron Won-Won!

    What’s that doodle you have on the edge of your parchment then? My Wheezy? Seriously!


May 13

Dear Harry,
      I’m writing to ask you your opinion about me getting a writing gig for Quidditch Weekly after I finish school. I mean with the You-Know-What, I would like to think that the possibility of me getting into a team this year is very doubtful. And I can’t possibly go back to WWW wrapping purchases. I need a real job.

      So what do you think? Can you picture me writing hard-hitting Quidditch stories?


May 13

      Gin, I think that’s amazing. You really should do it. It’s good to see you considering your other options—good options, if I might add.

      How did you come up with this writing idea? Tell me more about this when you have time. I am so bored in the office.


May 14

      Hurrah! I am so glad that you’re on board. Bill, Charlie, Ron and Hermione think it’s also a great idea and so do Mum and Dad. Percy still wants me to consider the Ministry and George wants me to work for the shop. But nevertheless, I know they’re all happy for me.

      It was actually Professor McGonagall who suggested it. It started during my career advice two years ago and we were discussing options regarding professional Quidditch. Then she said that athletes come and go and I should consider another career and that is where the writing idea came into action. I never actually took it seriously, but I still took Muggle Studies because Muggle literature is part of the N.E.W.T. course.

      After what happened in the Hufflepuff game, she called me to her office and we discussed it again. Apparently, Rivers showed her my paper on Muggle Anglo-Saxon literature and she loved it. She even told me that Marchbanks, Slughorn, Flitwick and Sprout think that my essays are good. ‘You have a penchant for writing, Miss Weasley.’ Can you believe McG actually said that to me???

      I never actually thought of me as a writer but then I do love some books (unlike Hermione, who loves ALL books) and I enjoy writing. Anyway, I considered it, I thought, why the hell not. If it doesn’t pan out, well, there’s always the Ministry and WWW and of course, Quidditch tryouts for next year’s draft. I’m just glad that at least I can see something in my future.


May 14

      Your story about McGonagall makes me want to owl good ol’ McG. Who would have thought, eh? But then, I’m glad that we both had the chance to get career advice from her. And how the hell did I not hear that career advice story from you two years ago?


May 15

      Because you, Mr. Potter, wouldn’t let me talk much two years ago, remember? You and your teenage hormones.


Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Test Reminders

Please be reminded that the N.E.W.T.s will commence on the second week of June.

Written exam on magical theories will be scheduled in the morning, while practical exams will be in the afternoon. Specific test schedules will be posted a week before the first exam.

All quills will be examined for self-answering, self-correcting, and any other charms that may constitute in cheating.


Library, 1005H

Have you seen the N.E.W.T.s flyers posted around the school?

Yeah, I saw them. Mad, eh? As if we need another reminder that June doomsday is coming.
But why are those posted three weeks before the exams? Are the exams moved to an earlier date?

I don’t think so, Hermione. We would have known if they did. I mean, YOU would have known.
I didn’t know! Ginny, what if they moved it? I still haven’t fully memorized my Arithmancy table!

Calm down, Hermione! Merlin, we’re in the library!


May 16

      Hermione’s going hysterical over the N.E.W.T.s and you might want to tell Ron to write or Floo Hermione once in a while to calm her down. She has already taken a dose of Calming Draught from Madam Pomfrey so she’s better. She’s making me nervous too, and it’s not like I’m not stressed enough with these stupid exams and the Quidditch final. Really, she’s not helping.

      The only silver lining I see in all this chaos is that I will be able to see you on the match. Luna reckons I should relax and she suggested that we go to this firefly cave of some sorts near the Great Lake. She said that you need to relax too. I read Magical Lakes of the Highland Lochs and I have confirmed that there are really firefly caves in Scotland (research is vital because you really never know when it comes to Luna). What do you think?


May 16

Dear Ginny,
      I have bad news. Robards has just informed me that I would be doing detail work on the weekend of your Quidditch match. I tried getting out of it, I even pleaded with him and compromised (I offered to do detail work for the rest of June) but my wanker of a boss wouldn’t budge. Ron always thought he was a prick and I couldn’t agree more.

      I am very sorry I wouldn’t be able to see you play and spend time with you, but maybe this is a good thing, eh? You would be so busy with the after-party (don’t raise your eyebrows at me—you know you’re going to slaughter Ravenclaw) and Hermione probably has some new practice papers for you to answer after the match. It’s a week before exam month and I know she’s at her most vicious precisely seven days prior to exams. I know how busy you are these days and I really don’t want to distract you from studying.

      Not saying I’m not bummed out but maybe it really is for the best. I’ll see you when you come home for the summer? I miss you even more.



May 17

Dear Harry,
      That really is disappointing news. I was really looking forward to seeing you (the last time I saw you was too abrupt for my own taste) but work comes first. Hermione doesn’t have any new practice papers for me to answer and frankly, I am really sick and tired of studying. Seeing you will be a welcoming break.

      Maybe I’ll find a firefly cave in Devon and we can do it when I go home.

Yours always,

P.S. I need to ask you something and please, please, please answer me honestly, Harry. We are okay right?


May 17

      What do you mean?


May 18

      With this set-up that we’re not “together.” I didn’t mean together, physically together because obviously we can’t since I’m still stuck here at Hogwarts and you’re in training, but, I mean you know, together? Together like Ron and Hermione even if we know about each other’s feelings…certain things.

      Okay, I don’t think I made any sense.


May 18

      Of course, Ginny. I don’t mind it at all. You have your reasons and I respect that. Why are you asking?


May 20

      No reason. So how’s everything going with your training?


Herbology, 1545H

In Ron’s defense, he did ask Robards if he could do Harry’s assignment. Robards just didn’t want Harry out of his sight next week.

I wonder if the location of Harry’s assignment has firefly caves. We were supposed to go there after the match.
I told you, there are no firefly caves in Scotland.

I researched about them and the book says that there are some in Scotland. Too bad he couldn’t come. It would have been a wonderful date. Besides, love isn’t love without fireflies singing in the sky, right?
You are spending way too much time with Luna.

She has a point you know? It is how love is supposed to be like. Secret firefly caves in Scotland, fireflies singing in the sky, crickets plucking spider webs like lyres, the Great Lake lulling boats like lullabies.
Looks like somebody needs to get their morning pumpkin juice spiked with Calming Draughts.


May 21

To the most kick-arse Captain and Chaser of Season ‘98-‘99:

Show them how Quidditch REALLY is done!
Remember, you’re still our best Chaser no matter what happens.

Yours always,


May 22

      WE DID IT, HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      All of the weeks I endured being called Ginnywald paid off. Final score was 360-120, not as good as two years ago but I am so proud of my team, even my whiny Seeker delivered. Everything was such a blur I’m really incoherent right now.

      I really wish you were there; this victory could be so much better if I saw you in the stands. But it’s all right, you’re doing what you’ve always wanted to do. I’m sending you Hermione’s Omnioculars by Express Owl so you can watch it for yourself. Should be there in a couple of days as it should be because I paid 10 bloody Sickles for that delivery!

      I really don’t know how to thank you for being so great this past year. You’ve listened to me moan about my team and my N.E.W.T.s without complain and I couldn’t thank you enough for that. And for coming here to Scotland last April. I know I was horrible to you that night and I’m really, really sorry but thank you. You’re so wonderful, Harry. I don’t know what I’d do without you.


May 24

      Wow Gin, your letter really made my day—hell, it made my month. You have no idea how big the smile on my face is right now. You know that one call from you and I’ll be right there.

      The Omnioculars arrived just in time so your ten Sickles was definitely not wasted. The game was incredible, you were incredible. Not a surprise there because you’re always wonderful in and out of the pitch. Peakes and Coote improved a lot. And the Hawkshead Formation was brilliant! I also wish I was there to see it for myself. But then again, I just confirmed it from Robards that I’ll be home in June, just in time for the end of your school year. I can’t wait to see you, Ginny. I miss you so much.


Muggle Studies, 1400H

Hi Luna. How are your Loch Radishes? Bred little radishes yet?
They are fine, thank you for asking, Ginny. Unfortunately, they still haven’t bloomed to the correct size but I know it’s going to happen.

Final requirements are to be submitted next week, Lu. Are you sure they’re going to bloom by then?
I know, that’s why I’m a wee bit nervous about it now, but Loch Radishes are a stubborn bunch. You have to leave them alone and allow them to follow their instincts. It’s in their nature to create their own pace.

Maybe there’s something you can do to speed up the process. Neville taught me that adding goat compost to any kind of vegetation will increase the growth of its buds. Aren’t you worried it’s not going to happen?
Neville mentioned using goat compost too, but I’m not very worried. It’s like that Muggle poem Professor Rivers discussed. Feelings must not be rationalized and controlled. Just like my radishes. They’ll bloom when they want to. Would you like it if your feelings were confined by reason and by logic?

Me too. I’d want to allow myself to do my own thing. I’d hum and sing and probably watch spiders pluck their webs. Just like my Radishes. They’d bloom when they feel like it, otherwise, they would just shrivel up and die. How about you Ginny? If your soul speaks to you right now, what would you do?

I’d like to fly very much right now. Laugh and chuck Hermione’s papers to the fire. Hold Harry’s hand.
Then do it. But maybe you should go flying after class. Professor Rivers is having a very enjoyable lecture.

Yes, she makes Muggle literature easy to understand, eh? Feelings are spontaneous and reason should not get in the way.
Like humming and flying. Or like holding hands.

Yes. Harry likes to hold my hand, you know?
Ginny, are you crying?

No. I just have nargles in my eyes.


May 27

Dear Harry,
      N.E.W.T.s are coming along pretty well. Stressful, but that’s what you get when you’re sharing a dormitory with Hermione. I really want a break from studying though. In fact, I’d very much like to hold your hand right now. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you.



we are for each other: then
laugh, leaning back in my arms
for life's not a paragraph

And death i think is no parenthesis

since feeling is first
e.e. cummings


To be continued

A/N: First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for being patient with our slow updates. As we have said previously, the past three months were really crazy. Grad school + work is like Transfiguration + Quidditch for Ginny. We'll try to get back on track with the last two chapters. Again, the operative word here is try.

A whooping thanks to our kick-arse beta, JennaMae, for the really speedy beta job for this chapter. And when I meant speedy, I really meant lightning fast. We love you, dude!

Another round of thanks to Semagic for making this HTML formatting bearable. I sort of forgotten how to format this fic. lol

and to e.e. cummings, our souls belong to you. thank you for getting "may" back on the road.
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