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Nominations and chapter updates

First and foremost, we'd like to thank each and everyone of you for the fic's nomination at the hpgw_otp's Best of 2008 Awards! This Will Be Our Year is nominated for "Best Multi-Chapter Story," "Most Humorous," and "Best Depiction of Ginny" alongside with other great H/G fics.

This is truly overwhelming. Being nominated for a crack story we cooked up during stupor hours at work is way beyond our expectations. The sheer number of people watching the comm (92!!!) alone is already such a surprise, and this is just wow! Thank you so so much!

We encourage all of you to go and vote for your favorite fics and artworks at OTP's Best of 2008 Awards and the Silverlining Awards. If you have missed the great fics last year, this is the time to catch up and read the best works of 2008. :)

Regarding your questions on chapter updates, we are still working on the story but we were both swamped with RL stuff, grad school comprehensive exams for me and grad school class requirements for wickedsprite, during the last months of 2008 that we didn't get to finish the last chapters at once. Yes, yes, it's been our excuse for months now and I know you're all tired and sick of it but that's really the case. Grad school takes away your fandom life. But the chapters are coming, we promise!

Chapter 10 is already in its final stages and we're currently working on the Epilogue. We'll be posting them simultaneously, so there might be a slight waiting. We ask everyone to be a bit more patient. You'll be getting the rest of the H/G goodness in one big swoop. :)
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