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This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come) - Chapter 10: June

Title: This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come)
Author: alcarcalime and wickedsprite
Summary: The year after the war is a tough one, in which Ginny Weasley tries to live her life, get past her grief, survive Transfiguration, and try not to fall too much in love with some idiot green-eyed boy man.
Characters/Pairing(s): Harry/Ginny, mainly. With side dishes of R/Hr and other canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post-Deathly Hallows, Pre-Epilogue
Genre: gen, humor, fluff
Warnings: Fluffiness, cheesiness, and crack abound. Also, the fic doesn't follow the traditional format of a story's narrative.

Prologue. Chapter 1: September. Chapter 2: October. Chapter 3: November. Chapter 4: December. Chapter 5: January. Chapter 6: February. Chapter 7: March. Chapter 8: April. Chapter 9: May.

Chapter 10

Potions notes:

Elixir to Induce Euphoria
- sunshine yellow in color; too much orange indicates side effects of cartwheels and singing
- add sprig of peppermint to counterbalance the crazy
- when fermented for six days can cure Wendellsonn’s Syndrome (see page 484 of The A-Z of Magipsychology for further reading)


WENDELLSONN’S SYNDROME (named after Magipsychologist Lyndon Wendellsonn), also known as Billywig Mind Infestation, is a disorder marked by the inability of a witch or wizard to maintain a specific mood at a given period of time.

Frequent exposure to Billywig colonies can cause magical trauma that when coupled with pressure and stress can lead to the development of such disorder. A witch or wizard suffering from this disorder experiences bouts of short-temperedness, random desire for hexing any person within the patient’s view, inability to continue lasting relationships and high anxiety attacks.

It is most common with witches from ages 15 to 23, due to wrong combinations of estrogen and magical genes in the body system.

Witches or wizards diagnosed with Wendellsonn’s Syndrome are usually sociable, likable by their peers, and sometimes gifted with Emphatic powers. When tested, patients reveal that they are above average in dueling, written communications, and will often excel in athletic activities.

Symptoms include: short-temperedness, inability to listen properly, sensitivity to light, barking of songs, high anxiety, paranoia, violent dreams and sarcasm.


June 1

          I won’t get mad but please, please tell me. Do I have Wendellsonn’s Syndrome? If yes then why did I not spend my entire childhood being treated at St. Mungo’s? Am I safe to be with normal witches and wizards my age?


Library, 1010H

Hermione, I think I might have Wendellsonn’s Syndrome. Last night I had a dream that I was chasing Professor McGonagall with a Beater’s bat.
You’re being dramatic again, Ginny. You don’t have Wendellsonn’s Syndrome.

I have written to Mum for confirmation but from the description written in The A-Z of Magipsychology, I have all the symptoms!
You have always been short-tempered and do you even bark The Weird Sisters’ new song?

No, but I really wanted to hit Professor McGonagall last night in my dream! I think I was also cackling while I ran after her. Violent dreams is symptom number 7.
It’s called transference, Ginny. You hate Transfiguration so much, you dreamed of killing our professor with a bat. It has got nothing to do with Wendellsonn’s. You’re just being you; Transfiguration hater and all that.

Maybe this is the reason why I am not with Harry. The book says that sufferers are unable to keep lasting relationships.
Seriously, Ginny. YOU DON’T HAVE WENDELLSONN’S. And you’re not with Harry because you’re stubborn and being stupid. So if it’s not a life or death situation, please don’t engage me in any kind of parchment chat. I still have twelve chapters of Advanced Potion Making to reread.


June 1

Dear Harry,
         I think I might have Wendellsonn’s Syndrome. I asked Mum but she still hasn’t replied to my letter and Hermione refuses to entertain any of my woes because she’s busy revising Ancient Runes, a subject that she has perfected two years ago.

         I am telling you, she’s really vicious these days. She refuses to carry on a real conversation and she glared at me for asking her to pass the bowl of yams. Seriously, why must she bring her enormous Arithmancy book to the dinner table? It’s so irritating that I want to blast that book into smithereens.

         See? I have bouts of random hexing and I have dreams of killing my Headmistress with a Beater’s bat. Don’t get involved with me, Harry. I am sick and violent and will probably make your life a living hell.


June 2

         I have no idea what Wendellsonn’s Syndrome is so I picked up a book about it and did some reading. You don’t have Wendellsonn’s—never did—and IN CASE you have it, then we’ll just have to brew you vats and vats of fermented Elixir to Induce Euphoria to make you all better.

         Your “symptoms” all point out to academic exhaustion and not some unfortunately named disorder. You have been studying way too much and hanging out with Hermione, Queen of Anxious Revising, is not good for you. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hermione, but if there’s one thing I learned from hanging out with her for seven years is that you don’t provoke her during exam time. Talk to Luna or any of your other roommates. Exams are tough and you need a bit of Luna’s insanity to balance out the stress.

         Don’t exhaust yourself too much; you still have seven days to go. Ron and I started studying seriously the Friday before our Charms exam and we still managed to scrape an E. Relax for a while.


Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s)
Examination Schedule

TIMETABLE FOR: Weasley, Ginevra Molly
HOUSE: Gryffindor

07 June, Monday:
      0900-1100H – Theory of Charms
     1300-1500H – Charms Practical Examination

08 June, Tuesday:
     0900-1100H – Theory of Transfiguration
     1300-1500H – Transfiguration Practical Examination

09 June, Wednesday:
     0900-1100H – Theory of Herbology
     1300-1500H – Herbology Practical Examination (proceed to Greenhouse 7)

10 June, Thursday:
     0900-1100H – Theory of Defense Against the Dark Arts
     1300-1500H – Defense Against the Dark Arts Practical Examination

11 June, Friday:
     0900-1100H – Muggle Studies
     *Final papers to be submitted on the last day of term

14 June, Monday:
     0900-1100H – Theory of Potions
     1300-1500H – Potions Practical Examination


It’s an abomination. We’re having Transfig on the second day?
Ginny, what did I say about parchment chats?

Oh come on. We still have seven days.


June 3

         Dreamed of killing McG again and this time, I succeeded in chopping off her arms. She suddenly turned into a hundred replicas of Bethel so I wasn’t able to chop her legs off because all of the Bethels stared at me with their adorable, big green eyes. Then I woke up.

         I think my recurring “Wendellsonn’s” dreams are back because I just got my examination timetable. I am so screwed. Transfig exam is on the second day and I just don’t know if I will be ready for this. It doesn’t even help that my final paper for Muggle Studies (the one about feminism in Muggle literature) is still not halfway done. Take me away, Harry. Let’s get married and live in a far away land where we’ll wear kilts and eat wheat.


June 4

         Looks like you need a Calming Draught. Sending you a package of Honeydukes chocolate to liven up your spirits and don’t worry. George did not spike this with anything. It’s all pure chocolate.

P.S. Watch out for the post in the coming days. That’ll brighten up your day.


June 5

Miss Ginevra Weasley
Gryffindor House
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Dear Miss Weasley,
         It is my great pleasure to inform you that the recruitment team of the Holyhead Harpies named you as one of our Reserve Chasers for the upcoming season of the British and Irish League Cup.

         Your performance in the Hogwarts Quidditch Finals is truly remarkable and it wowed us all. Your excellent game play and superb flying skills are exactly the things we look for in a Harpies player, and this made us unanimously agree to accept you into the team.

         Trainings for the upcoming season will start in July. Please see attached parchment for the tentative summer training schedule.

         Again, congratulations and welcome to the Harpies!


Gwenog Jones
Team Captain
Holyhead Harpies


June 5

         Oh. My. God. IT HAS HAPPENED.


June 6

         We have just heard of the great news and oh darling, we are so, so proud of you! Percy will be Flooing Professor McGonagall to ask for permission to congratulate you through the Floo although Dad, George and Bill prefer to Apparate over and take you out for drinks. Charlie also has heard of the news and he would probably send you something big in the coming days. Ron is still in Auror Headquarters but he wanted to tell you that he is proud of you and is very excited of your first batch of Quidditch season tickets.

         We are hoping to see you soon but with your N.E.W.T.s starting we will just have to wait for you to come home in a few weeks’ time to celebrate. We love you, darling.


June 6

         Before anything else, I’d just like to ask, who said that you were a great Chaser? Who said that the Snorkacks would exist first before the Harpies reject you? Who said that you would get that position? I TOLD YOU IT WOULD ALL WORK OUT.

         Congratulations, Gin. I am so proud of you. When you finish your N.E.W.T.s, a double celebration is in order, I believe.


June 6

         Fine, Potter. I apologize for doubting your “amazing” Divination skills. Next time you predict something awesome, I will believe you in a heartbeat.

         I still can’t believe that THIS will be my life from now on. I never thought that it would be possible, that I would be flying in the skies for a living. I don’t know if I have mentioned this to you, but this has always been my dream. And yet I still don’t know what to think of all this change. I have always been the little girl and the thought of doing this every day for probably the rest of my life is unnerving. Maybe it’s because it’s so surreal and too damn good to be true, that I’m still thinking of the right word to describe all this. I am very happy, I know that, but I just don’t know if perfection is the right word.

         I can’t wait to see the stadium in Wales. Fiona Lewis of Hufflepuff said that the Harpies are reconstructing the stadium in preparation for next season so I bet it’s going to be an amazing summer.


Library, 2130H


Yes. And you’re talking to me the night before our Charms exam? Is this really you, Hermione?
When did you find out?

Two days ago.
You waited two days to tell me!

You were busy studying and whenever I try to talk to you about non-N.E.W.T. related things, you always end up diving underneath the table to grab your Arithmancy book. Plus, I know from personal experience that your particularly vindictive days are those before the exams.
I am not vindictive!

Oh yeah? Well what about that poor little second year girl you shouted at after she politely asked you about Mandrakes?
And you wouldn’t? They were going on and on about Mandrakes and I have already answered their questions! They’re doing it on purpose to annoy me.

Well, that’s not all. You really have a history on exam week viciousness. In your third year you made Parvati Patil cry when she asked what grade you got in your DADA final. In your O.W.L. year, you blew up on Ron and Harry when they told you to calm down after you mistranslated “eihwaz.” And just recently, you docked out twenty points from Gryffindor when Ritchie Coote sneezed loudly that one time during Study Period.
Okay, so I don’t want to be disturbed. Big deal. That doesn’t mean I’m inhuman during exam time. I just want to pass my exams.

I also want to pass but do you see me biting the heads of innocent second years when they talk to me in the middle of my Transfig vigil? No! You are like Bogrod the Great on Skele-gro overload. At Nurmengard. Getting a Dark Mark.
So what do you want me to do? Not to study? Let all those second years run around the Common Room while two-sevenths of the Gryffindor population are preparing for their exams?

No but you could start acting like a human being again.

Don’t take it the wrong way, now. It’s just that you’re not helping with the pressure of the exams, you know?
All right, I’m sorry. I hope you said something sooner. I could use a break from all this studying.

You want a break from studying? Now? Really?
I was talking about days ago, you nut. We have Charms at eight tomorrow. We can’t afford to go on a break at this hour. And shouldn’t you be studying? Open your book!

Ah. I knew it was too good to be true.


Feminism in Muggle Literature
A Muggle Studies Term Paper by Ginevra Molly Weasley

The “Accomplished” Witch

         The accounts in the literary pieces referenced in this term paper have shown that Muggle women are expected to be refined human beings, judged by the breadth of their knowledge in Muggle arts and languages. While it is very apparent that this truth is no longer a fact in modern Muggle society, one still could not help but notice the Hippogriff-sized disparity between expectations of Muggle females and their magical counterparts.

         Granted that most witches are being hunted to be burned on the stake during those times, a witch’s “accomplishment” goes beyond that of her skills in escaping those silly burnings Muggles believed to have worked seamlessly. Literary speaking, this is most accounted in the heroines of the Wizarding children’s classic Tales of Beedle the Bard in which heroines were “accomplished” witches who have led small groups of magical folk and fought the discrimination of those knowledgeable in the magical arts.

         Muggles might have changed their choices for their women, but it is still truly undeniable that the magical community is very advanced in their regard for their females.


June 7

         Wow, I didn’t know the Harpies trained in Wales. So does that mean you have to move there? I never really thought that I wouldn’t be seeing a lot of you this summer when you told me the good news. We’ve had trainings over at the West and I never realized how far away London is from Wales until now. I’m going to miss you, but you already know that of course.

         Anyway, good luck with your Charms exam. You’ll do great.


Question 57:
         Explain the theory behind the magical components of Apparition and how it affects the elements behind the restriction of cross-country Apparition.


June 7

         I also didn’t realize the distance until you mentioned it. But we’ll still see each other from time to time, right? We’ll just have to promise to work hard during our respective trainings so that we can get long breaks off our busy schedules. I promise you that I will because I am determined to see a lot of you this summer. I don’t think I can survive another summer away from you.

         Charms went well. Transfig tomorrow. With that and the thought of training in Wales approaching, I don’t know if I will be able to sleep at all.


Library, 1730H

Hermione, how far away is Wales, exactly?
Too many yards away but not far enough to hide from your mother if you fail your Transfiguration N.E.W.T. so stop bothering me and READ YOUR NOTES.


June 8

         Don’t worry about the distance. Hogwarts is farther away than Wales and we’re okay. We’ll still have letters and I can Apparate to and from your place after my training everyday. It won’t be like last year. Besides, I bet my training will be as busy as yours in the next few months so it’s going to help me take my mind off things.

         It’s your Transfig exam today. Just focus on it and remember that after this, you can finally stop pretending that you care about Latin. Good luck and don’t fuss about anything else. I know you will do well.


Question 12:
         What is the incantation used for human-animal transfiguration? Explain the significance of wand movements and pronunciations especially in mammalian transformations and discuss the negative effects of wrong wand movements and incantations.


June 8

         I AM FINALLY OVER WITH TRANSFIGURATION. I know it’s just the second exam and I still have four to go but I am over the moon. I know I wouldn’t get an Outstanding for that one (turned my eyebrow bright green instead of yellow during the practical) but I think I might have passed it. I believe I have given them a very accurate description of what it would feel like to spend the entire day dragging a horse’s tail.


June 9


Wales is far away but no matter what, your heart can go as far as the other side of the world. Congratulations on being chosen to play for the Harpies and thank you for being such a good friend all these years.
Your friend,
Luna Lovegood


Library, 1800H

Are you busy?

No, but I am not answering another one of your Practice Papers. The Transfig exam is over and as I have told you during lunch, I am not answering any Potions Papers.
All right then.

Why are you pouting?
I am not.

Yes you are. I can slice your lips from here.
Your brother is a prat.

Well that’s new.
Seriously. How did he survive nineteen years with his foot inside his mouth?

Hermione, we are talking about Ron here. He wouldn’t be my brother if he used his head before speaking. In fact, it’s the reason why we’re friends now.
You’re right. That’s one good thing that came from knowing your brother.

Trouble in paradise?
You know how I want to study Muggle law after Hogwarts? Well I told him about it when we spoke on the Floo and he said that it is a waste of time!

Wait, you’re allowed to use the Floo? From where?
The fireplace in my room, of course.

The Head Girl room is connected to the Floo Network and you didn’t tell me? Merlin, you kept that quiet!
What, so you could hog it all night long chatting with Harry while I wait in the sidelines to call my boyfriend from my OWN fireplace? No thank you.

Wow. Boyfriends really change girls.
No, boyfriends want their girlfriends to change and that’s the problem here!

Okay, walk me through now.
Well according to your prat of a brother, I really wouldn’t need a Muggle degree to save house-elves because I already know everything. I said that’s not true and that is why I’m doing this to prepare for the future, you know, taking S.P.E.W. to the Ministry and all that. Then he started saying things about living for the moment just like him and how he doesn’t even plan on what would happen in the future because he will just ruin his life waiting for the unknown. So I asked him if he thought I will be ruining my life with a Muggle degree. He didn’t answer my question and asked me, “What if somebody else saves the house-elves or all the house-elves die of extinction in the next five years? Now you’re just some brainy witch with a law degree and nothing else to save.”

Wow. That’s logic and maturity bowling over and crashing into pieces at the exact same time. I must say that it’s a feat, even for Ron’s standards.
It’s not funny, Ginny. Your brother is the most immature wart I have ever met! Just when I thought that he has finally understood the meaning of S.P.E.W. he says something like this! And that’s not all. When I said that I want to do this because I want to make him proud as his girlfriend and as a woman, he said that he doesn’t want someone perfect. He just wants a normal woman. So does that mean I’m not ‘normal?’ Can you believe him?

Oh wow, he really has a talent in saying the wrong things at the exact right moment, eh?
He is such a prat! Why, Ginny? Why did I have to fall in love with your brother? Why?

Don’t you think that he’s just going to miss you, that’s all? Their training is getting harder and with you in Muggle London, it’s inevitable that you two will be caught up with your own things to do. He just loves you a lot.
Oh don’t romanticize your brother’s idiocy, Ginny. For once, I just want him to take things seriously and not say the first thing that comes in his head!

Look, Hermione. My brother was born with his foot inside his mouth. He will always say inappropriate things and you either love it or hate it about him.
I know, but I just wish that for once he would think first before saying anything. I am not saying that he is not a wonderful boyfriend because he is, but sometimes he really acts like an English-speaking baboon! No offense meant, of course.

None taken. You see, the thing I love about your relationship with Ron is that I will always understand both of your sentiments without causing tension between us that might ultimately end our friendship, as in the case of a lot of friendships between the girlfriend and the boyfriend’s sister.
Well I’m glad you do. Now if only your brother isn’t such a prat then we would be living in a perfect world.

Hermione, in a perfect world, you are in love with a Ron that is sensitive and mature with a set of glittering teeth. That would also mean that he’s not a Weasley, ergo, not my brother, which would mean that we wouldn’t be here exchanging notes. So I apologize for thanking the stars that you’re in love with an idiot who doesn’t think before speaking.


The Militant Female

         As depicted by Muggle literary pieces, it was considered radical for a woman to not seek a husband, to desire an “unsuitable” partner, and to aspire for lifelong maidenhood in the 18th century.

         Witches, however, have always been given the freewill to choose their life partners and their decision to spend a life of spinsterhood. However, there are still special cases especially when blood purity is the issue, although the recent war has helped in expelling such bigotry towards non-magical folk.

         Nevertheless, there are still cases in which females are disowned by their families due to the simple reason that they fell in love with a Muggle. These witches are excommunicated by their relations and in some way, are considered the Wizarding society’s “Militant Female.”


June 9

         How are you? I just finished my Herbology N.E.W.T. so that means I just have three more exams left and that blasted Muggle Studies paper and I am finally free. I would ask for your advice about taking Potions but we all know that’s a moot point.

         Ron and Hermione are fighting and it’s a serious fight with a reason this time, not the usual foreplay bickering they so love to do. Apparently, Ron disagrees with Hermione’s plans to study law in a Muggle university and you know what happens when he opens his mouth, Hermione’s vein pops out like mad. I really don’t know what ticked her off so badly. I first thought it was just because of Ron’s subtle shove at S.P.E.W. but I think it might have been because Ron does not have any future plans at all.

         Anyway, she took it the wrong way and with the stress of the exams, she’s having serious second thoughts about being Ron’s girlfriend because according to her when she cried to me at lunch, she doesn’t think she can be with someone who completely disregards all her dreams in life. It’s all a bit silly, really but I sort of get both sides. So, I’m asking you to please knock some sense into her. I’m doing Ron and we all know it’s going to be twice as difficult as calming down Hermione. I know she’ll really appreciate you writing to her and explaining the mysteries of Boy Speak.


June 10

         Oh come on, Ginny. Hermione and I don’t do emotional talks. Give us a dark wizard to thwart and a three-headed dog to hypnotize and now we’re talking. Just explain to her that Ron is just not that type of bloke to discuss futures with. Maybe in five years, but right now? I don’t think so. That doesn’t mean though that I don’t think of the future. You can’t go back from the dead and not think about it.


June 10

         Really, you plan about the future? Am I in it? Also, you ought to tell Ron that maybe he should start thinking about the future now that his girlfriend is seriously thinking of a future without him. Besides, if you can do it then so can he.

         All I’m asking is that you write to her. You don’t even have to talk to her upfront. Please?


June 11

         Fine, I’ll write to her. I’m not saying it’s not going to be awkward as hell but fine, I’ll explain to her “Boy Speak.” And of course you’re in it. What kind of a stupid question is that?

P.S. Good luck on your Muggle Studies exam. You’ll do great.


June 11

         Okay brother. As you already know, I don’t give relationship advice especially to my brothers. I rarely do this and I only do this to hopeless cases like you and Perce so read this carefully because I’m only doing this ONCE.

         Hermione is a planner. You know that. In fact, I don’t even have to tell you this because you’ve known her longer than I do. She can be VERY obsessive, just look at S.P.E.W. and the N.E.W.T.s. Now, I know that you and Harry think that her obsession is a disease (couldn’t agree more) but let me remind you that if it weren’t for her obsession, you wouldn’t be here, and you wouldn’t be arse over tit in love with her.

         She is very serious about all this Muggle law school bollocks and the least you could do (as her boyfriend and best friend) is to be supportive. Sure, maybe it’s going to be a waste of time. But she believes that if she does this, she can do better. And of course, with your already packed schedule it’s going to be hard without her but aren’t all relationships hard? You just have to work hard (sometimes REALLY hard) to make it right.


June 12

         Really, why are you girls so oversensitive? Has she told on me about wanting someone “normal?” Doesn’t she know that it was a figure of speech? Of course I know she’s normal! What does he think of me? Like some baboon who knows how to talk?

         And of course I will support anything she wants to do. Harry and I allowed her to go batshit over stupid spew for four years. I am even giving out spew pamphlets in training camp because I know she will need a lot of people to be involved in this. The other Aurors think I’m barmy but I don’t care! I talk them into it because I love her, and I know this is important to her. I will of course support any decision she makes but that doesn’t mean I have to like all of her decisions. Is it so wrong of me to say my opinion on things? If she doesn’t want my opinion then she shouldn’t have said anything in the first place!


June 12

         Fine, I’m giving you that, it really was an overreaction. And you’re right. You should voice your opinions on things, especially those that would affect you. But you have to understand that you should always, ALWAYS think of the things you say, Ron. I know you meant no harm but you also have to understand where Hermione is coming from. She worked really hard on S.P.E.W. and she would really appreciate it if you’re happy that she’s taking a Muggle degree to help her cause.

         Seriously, Ron. Fix this before we leave for London. You two have got it easy. You didn’t have a Dark Lord running after you and the least of your problems is your lack of tact. Don’t throw it away.


June 13

         How about a little help here, then? If you so want me to fix this then help me, PLEASE. What should I do? I’m afraid that if I think of something for myself I might just make matters worse and I’m going crazy already knowing that she’s mad at me and is probably having second thoughts about my feelings for her. I love Hermione, you know that. I just want to fix this.


June 13

         Just apologize. Hermione isn’t a difficult girl and she’ll appreciate that you took the high road. Big gestures are always nice too. And no, I am not talking about sending her a bouquet of her favorite flowers or even a horrid singing Valentine and definitely not garish orange robes proclaiming she’s yours for the entire Exmoor Stadium to see. Something that would tell her that you’re in here for the long run, not just in the good times but also in the batshit-ideas times.


Take out your personal ad in The Quibbler Community Page!
Available at 2 Sickles and 8 Knuts.


Your brains are as meaty as my Mum’s shepherd’s pie.
Your eyes are as luscious as melted chocolate frogs.
Your face is as soft as freshly baked gingerbread.
I love you so much you make me forget treacle tart.
Will you marry me?



June 14

         YOU IDIOT. WHAT THE BLEEDING HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! THE QUIBBLER? REALLY? When I said apologize with a grand gesture, I didn’t mean it like this. I said a gesture that would say that you’re here for the batshit days, not do something horrendously batshit! That is the stupidest apology I have ever seen. Merlin on a bike, Ron!


June 14

         Fine, it wasn’t the best apology (and proposal), but there’s nothing bigger than that! It wasn’t the best thing but I only had three hours to think of something romantic before Luna’s dad prints out the morning copies.

         Really, will it really matter if I proposed through the The Quibbler ads? Hermione would look pass it, she’ll appreciate the “gesture.” Besides, I am serious about this next step. I love her and I want to marry her. I have never been so sure about anything in my life. You really don’t have to be so harsh.


June 14

         You’re right. I shouldn’t have called your proposal stupid. I was being harsh and I apologize. I’m sorry. Will you marry me?



Library, 1815H

I would just like you to know that if my mother disowns you, I will still love you like the sister I never had.
That’s sweet, Ginny. But your mother didn’t disown me. Her letter was very sweet and said that my decision doesn’t change a thing.

Well, I’m glad. How’s Ron taking it?
His head turned a pale purple color when I told him but we’re all right.

So you haven’t broken up?
Heavens, no! Just because I am not ready to get married doesn’t mean we have to break up. And do you really think he’s ready to marry me?

He said he doesn’t want anyone else but you.
I feel the same way but it’s just isn’t the time. We talked about it and he also agreed that it was not an intelligent decision. We’re only nineteen!

And Ron has just reached the emotional capacity of a twelve year old. Yes, I see what you mean there.
He has matured quite significantly over the past two years and you know that. I think this proposal, albeit slightly embarrassing, has proven to me that your brother is indeed serious about us. Harry was very helpful by the way.

Oh really? That’s good, though because he was really terrified about doing this.
His letter didn’t sound so unsure when I read it.

What did he say? Can I read it?

         I wouldn’t try to give you any advice about you and Ron but this is all I have to say. If there’s something I learned from all the things I have been through, it is that it all comes down to whether or not everything is worth all the sacrifice. Even if the future is uncertain and it scares you more than death itself, if that person is worth it, nothing will ever be a waste. The important thing here is that you know what it means to fight for something that you wanted and that you have experienced what it feels to want something so precious that everything you’ve been through starts becoming a blur and there’s nothing else you see but that person in front of you.


Are you still there?

He just described my entire year.
It appears to be.

I self-actualized and he waited for me to get over myself.
Well, you waited too.

Not the way he did.
Yes and with you moving to Wales…

You’re not really helping.
Just trying to speed up your mind cogs.

I love him. And of course he loves me! I’ve always known it and now I can’t even remember the reasons why we aren’t together.
Then what the hell are you still doing here talking to me? Shouldn’t you be writing to him now?


Love: Across the Borders

         But of all the issues on feminism both in Wizarding and Muggle literary works, one issue stands on the line separating both societies. Love goes beyond worlds and has the ability to bend the foundations of women empowerment.

         It crosses the boundaries of feminism, societies, and triumphs. In literature, it is the conflict and the resolution, the reason and the question. The heart is the soul and as seen in the literary pieces, it is the most powerful and terrifying thing in the world—and that no woman or man, witch or wizard is any less of a hero or heroine when love consumes them all.


Dear Harry,
         Finally, I am coming home tomorrow for good. No more waiting for owls to hover above my head, no more dreaming of promised afternoons. This letter might be a waste, but sending you one last letter seems just about right. I hope that the Hogwarts owls don’t fail me to deliver you this before I get off the platform.

         The past year has been a rollercoaster of emotions for me, and it made me understand the people in my life. I know they will always be there but of all of them, you’re the one person in my life that I would always want to be there. You’re the only constant I will ever need. There’s really no deep reason behind it, it’s just a simple reason that I love you.

         I don’t know why it took me an entire year to finally get the courage to tell you what I have known since I was twelve. I should not be telling you this through a letter, I should be telling you this face to face. But does it really matter? All I know is that I love you and telling you this, no matter how I do it, will be the best thing I will do this year. The past two years were cruel to us but of all the changes that have been going on in my life, this is the one that stuck.

         I don’t want you to wait anymore, Harry. I am done thinking about my life and finding myself. I have finally found what I am looking for. The only place in the world I want to be is with you and I am an idiot for wasting an entire year to admit it. If Ron is dead sure on marrying Hermione, if Luna is certain that there are really Snorkacks in the world and if Percy is taking a chance on Muggle girl he barely knew, then it gives me no reason to not be certain that I love you.

         We might have to figure out a lot of things in the way but I want to do it with you. It might not be ideal to get in this messy love stuff but I don’t care anymore because there’s something terribly and undeniably right about all this wrongness. I just want you to know so when you I see you on the platform tomorrow afternoon, you’ll know that there’s someone in the train humbly hoping that you love her too.
I love you,     

A/N: Finally, the last chapter. The usual thanks goes to our fabulous beta (who just "starred" in her school's production of Grease) for the super speedy beta and to all of the wonderful people who stayed with us in spite of our delays. *hangs head in shame* Anyway, a longer authors' note will be posted with the Epilogue, which will be posted on Wednesday, the 28th of January. We just got the betaed version so it's really going to be there. I SWEAR ON MY TERM PAPER(S), IT WILL BE POSTED ON WEDNESDAY. *grins*
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