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This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come)

H/G fanfiction by Alcarcalime and Wickedsprite

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When alcarcalime and wickedsprite decide to make a collaboration, they will go all out. Always.

They are two rabid H/G shippers who have abandoned writing fanfictions after planning an elaborate Post-Hogwarts epic fic, Endlessly, in 2004—a fic they have also abandoned that no amount of begging could make them work on it again (or not). And after three years, they rediscovered how much fun writing Harry/Ginny is. Thus, the birth of This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come).

For their other fanfictions: Alcarcalime // Wickedsprite // Endlessly


Title:This Will Be Our Year (Took a Long Time to Come)
Summary: The year after the war is a tough one, and Ginny Weasley tries to live her life, get past her grief, survive Transfiguration, and try not to fall too much in love with some idiot green-eyed boy man.
Characters/Pairing(s): Harry/Ginny, mainly. With side dishes of R/Hr and other canon pairings
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post-Deathly Hallows, Pre-Epilogue
Genre: gen, humor, fluff
Warnings: Fluffiness, cheesiness, and crack abound. Also, the fic doesn't follow the traditional format of a story's narrative.


The awesome title of the fic is shamelessly stolen from The Zombies' equally amazing song, "This Will Be Our Year".

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